Helping you understand your feelings and cope effectively with stress.

Emotional Wellness involves feeling positive and enthusiastic about ourselves and life, in general.

Development in this dimension includes:

  • recognition of feelings and the ability to manage feelings
  • being able to develop autonomy
  • maintain satisfying relationships
  • the ability to cope with stress
  • being aware of and accepting a wide range of feelings about yourself and others
  • the ability to understand your own feelings
  • accept your limitations
  • achieve emotional stability
  • become comfortable with your emotional state

Although many people have never considered counselling in the past, cancer stretches most people’s coping resources. Many patients and/or their loved ones will benefit from professional support to help adjust to the impact of the disease on daily life and enhance their quality of life.

The NHOG clinical psychologists Dr Katharine Hodgkinson and Lara Keogh are available for consultations for patients, their family and/or carers. Please contact their reception staff on 02 9453 3027 to arrange an appointment, or read more at HeadwayHealth.

Art Therapy and Life Writing at the San – the Cancer Support Centre regularly hold Art Therapy and Life Writing sessions. Working with art or documenting your own life story within a therapeutic framework can enhance one’s ability to cope with symptoms and stress as well as enjoying the life-affirming pleasure of creating something special. For more information on costs and session times, contact the Support staff on 02 9487 9061 or email support@sah.org.au


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